For Sale – 25mm Medieval Hinchliffe and Minifis

Having started to clear my medieval bookshelf I’ve decided to have a purge on the medieval figures I have. These are some of the figures I started wargaming with many many years ago! I’m not really sure on value but figure on 30-40p a figure/horse? If you want an idea on shipping then a foot/mounted chap is 12g and a horse about 30g. And there are some old Garrison Carthaginian figures at the end and a couple of elephants! And I’m open to offers…

First up some Minifigs crusader type:

Followed by some Hinchcliffe armed peasants:

Now these archers have sen better days. Pretty well every bow is broken but I figure anyone with a pin drill could easily fit another!

More Hinchliffe men at arms: one chap lost the end of the halberd so has a spear now!

These chaps – Hinchliffe again – don’t look particularly threatening!

Hinchliffe mounted men at arms/hobilars(?). Although only 9 horses are shown I do have the tenth if I can nick it back off my daughter!

Assorted medieval bods: all Hinchliffe I think:

And not to the odds and ends: These are Garrison (I think) Carthaginian types. Elephant with two crew, some cavalry and command (no horses) and some spearmen. And a rather nice Gallic chieftain. Probably £10 for the lot?

And a Hinchliffe elephant with no crew. Say £3?

And lots of artillery crew!

And finally 4 plated knights. Basic paintjob on figures but nice shields:

If you are interested in anything drop me a line to belisarius2006 AT gmail DOT com
Happy to ship anywhere, Paypal preferred. Can also take to York on the 6th as well!