A basing dilemma…Part 3 – Resolved!

Well, after all the consultations and prevaricating here and elsewhere I took the plunge and went for 40x40mm. I’ve only done the one unit so far but I’m happy with it so the rest will get done once I’ve finished the dozen extra figures I need.

Apart from the casualty figures, chap holding the head and once guy at the back, all the figures are Essex with Corvus Belli command. Casualties a mix of Corvus Belli and Freikorps.

All the pics were taken with my HTC Desire phone. The camera is pretty good for a phone and focuses pretty close. Makes it easier to get a few snaps instead of digging out the big Fuji.

8 thoughts on “A basing dilemma…Part 3 – Resolved!”

  1. I also bought some casualties from Freikorps, but also from Xyston. I think they make a "nice" touch on any base. I think I will put some with my Spanish cavalry and my Carthaginian elephant… Oh, btw, nice job!

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