Boosting the hedge fund…

Back in March (don’t time fly!) I had a first attempt at making some hedges for my 6mm games. I knew I’d seen the idea of using the scourers before and the credit must (at least for me) go to Michael at Angel Barracks forum with this article. The main difference is that I use … Read more

140 Followers and 47000 visits

Today I had my 140th Follower (welcome Bache) and the number of visits (as opposed to page views) hit 47000 since I started using the counter at the foot of the page. I know the Google blogger stats are different but I like to keep with this one. My airbrushes arrived today, my compressor arrived. … Read more

I just bought an airbrush!

Well to be honest I bought two! First up, and upon various recommendations I bought an Premiair G35: Now, hopefully this will speed up my base coating of microarmour and a few other things. In with the deal was a Rich B AB-200 airbrush. This apparently ‘needs a little attention’ so I’m hoping I haven’t … Read more

I’ll name that tank in… Episode 2 – ANSWERED

Well I think so! Thanks to comments here and over on the Cold War Commander forums I think I’m going to go with the Israeli Tiran 6 – a modified T-62 likely captured from Syria.   Although I’ll likely paint these up for my IDF they are unlikely to see action as really should be … Read more