Yep! Still rebasing!!

Been rather busy of late so not much progress but I thought another update was due. I actually completed some more basing a few weeks ago but haven’t got round to posting it. Some more generic Union and at the back some Berdan’s Sharpshooters.  There are still a lot to finish painting the bases on … Read more


What a long and tedious job re-basing is… I can’t base the last few infantry stands as the new bases I have are ever so slightly too big. This is being corrected. But I have finally got everything off old bases and onto new. And the ballast/PVA mix applied. I’ve gone for three crew for … Read more

Still re-basing!!

And the re-basing continues. Taking longer than I planned and I’ve now run out of the main base type! But tomorrow is the Border Reiver Show and I already have an order in for more bases with Minibits. I did have a quick look at the recommended base sizes in Regimental Fire and Fury (looking … Read more