Still re-basing!!

And the re-basing continues. Taking longer than I planned and I’ve now run out of the main base type! But tomorrow is the Border Reiver Show and I already have an order in for more bases with Minibits. I did have a quick look at the recommended base sizes in Regimental Fire and Fury (looking at guns and limbers) and noticed they say infantry on 1″x 3/4″. Mine are 1″ by 7/8″! And they are staying that way!!

I’ve got everything off the old bases and bar guns and officers and a few stands I have the rest stuck to new bases and I’d say over half with the PVA/ballast mix on. Somewhere I have a load of markers as well which will need doing. Just can’t find them at the moment! And none of the Union guns have limbers. I have a few but will need more. So anyway, here is the current state of play:

20160902_192804 20160902_192809 20160902_192825

Getting there… I’m hoping there will be a few old Minifigs on the tabletop sale at the show tomorrow. You never know…


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