2010 Painting Master Plan!

The ‘On the workbench 2009’ has now been replaced with the 2010 Painting Master Plan! Now, given that we’re almost at the end of January and I haven’t even picked up a brush yet it may be extremely optimistic! As you can tell the theme for 2010 is 6mm. The Justinian Byzantines will hopefully get … Read more

2009 Totals

Albeit a little late for a 2009 summary, here is the list from the On The Workbench panel which sits in the right hand column. It’s not particularly nicely formatted as I’d been working on using some HTML tables and they don’t look right for the full blog width. 15mm AWI British Infantry 18 Cavalry … Read more

Life, Liberty… Cast of Characters

In the comments of the original post there was a request for what figures were used for the main characters. So here’s a run down… Proctor Brown – the hero. 15mm Essex INA8 AWI Militia Deborah Emerson – the heroine. A witch. Freikorp C18th Mollies Magdalene – an old witch. Xyston Womenfolk, Children and Youths … Read more