Life, Liberty… Cast of Characters

In the comments of the original post there was a request for what figures were used for the main characters. So here’s a run down…

Proctor Brown – the hero. 15mm Essex INA8 AWI Militia
Deborah Emerson – the heroine. A witch. Freikorp C18th Mollies
Magdalene – an old witch. Xyston Womenfolk, Children and Youths
Rev. Emerson – Freikorp militia command
Ezra – Freikorp pack mule team and driver
Cecily – Freikorp C18th Mollies
Old Nance – the head bad witch. Splintered Light Miniatures. Zombies with spears. Spear head removed.
Ned – Nance’s henchman. Lancashire games AWI militia. Would love to provide a link but their website sucks…
The Hessian – a mysterious and powerful member of the Covenant. The coach is apparently from Essex SYWE10. I’ve yet to find a ‘dismounted’ figure for him.
Zombie 1 – the Freikorps mule driver with suitable amendments and paintjob!
Zombies 2 and 3 – Splintered Light Miniatures – unarmed zombies.

More to follow on this theme when I find some werewolf figures!


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  1. Cheers for that link. Some nice ideas there. Have seen some other 15mm figures which I may use as well.


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