2009 Totals

Albeit a little late for a 2009 summary, here is the list from the On The Workbench panel which sits in the right hand column. It’s not particularly nicely formatted as I’d been working on using some HTML tables and they don’t look right for the full blog width.

15mm AWI

Infantry 18 Cavalry 1
Infantry 0 Cavalry 2
Dogs 1 Markers 40
Zombies 3 Characters 12

To this can be added the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Magic characters.

2 Fields
1 Woods
3 Rough Ground/Marsh
4 Cedar Trees

and the purchase of a lot of river sections from Mutineer Miniatures and a good few more trees as well!

Corvus Belli – 15mm Spanish and Numidians
From Ian – 15mm Ancient Spanish
Assorted Essex Punic related

16 15mm Velites
32 15mm Principes
8 Carthaginian Elephant crews
12 Spanish Scutarii command
4 Spanish LH
16 Triarii
16 Celtiberians

Apply Wash and/or Re-Base
32 Iberian Caetrati
72 Scutarii
32 Celtiberians
12 Spanish Light Horse
12 Spanish Cavalry

Other Stuff
Apply Wash and Re-Base
2 battalions Reichsarmee
1 unit Creutzer
4 28mm WW2 German

There were other odds and ends as well, the main being the move to 6mm for which three bases were completed for my Justinian Byzantines. And 6mm is to be the theme for 2010 of which more anon!

2 thoughts on “2009 Totals”

  1. Wow – that's some work you've got planned there, even for 6mm. Best of luck with all that.

    But at least you've got a plan, which I think I need to follow to get all my ancients sorted out.

    Good idea to know exactly what needs to be done.

  2. I'm hoping the chart will inspire me as I get to fill blocks in. Wife and kids may have other plans though!

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