A Seven Years War diversion

I recently acquired a rather large SYW French and Reichsarmee 15mm collection from Richard at the club. He has been working on a set of SYW rules and from the game I played and those I’ve seen they are rather good. However, I’m a stickler for the cosmetics of the game and as I have … Read more

British Grenadier markers

As I slowly limber up for the first game of British Grenadier at my local club I thought it was about time to do some markers. I’d seen various threads on the GdeB Forums about different approaches and also Giles’s recent post on his blog. I decided to try a couple of approaches and have … Read more

British General or ‘Beware of the dog!’

And to command His Majesty’s troops is this little chap. Receiving a report from his Captain of Grenadiers while his pet dog pauses for lunch! British figures are Polly Oliver, the dead and the dog are Freikorps. The two grenadiers were done by Billy Bones Workshop as part of a small test batch of figures. … Read more