Preparing for battle

Seeing as I’ve been trying to reorganise the attic to create some space I thought I’d set up a small table and finally take the shrink off some of the Purbeck blocks I have. It’s only 4×4 but there is room when the underlying table is fully out to take it to 6×4 which for 15mm battles will do me. I also wanted to see what the troops I have to date actually look like en masse. Still having problems with the camera so no doubt if you zoom in then they’ll be out of focus!

So first an overall view as multiple lines of Rebels prepare to defend the hills:

And then views of the Rebel and British lines:

I want to do some mods to the Purbeck to add some texture and variety and maybe some fields. Or maybe just do them on card at sizes my fences will fit around! And I need roads. And I’ve got a few buildings to paint up as well.

There is just sooo little time….

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  1. Andy – know what you mean – I use the TSS tiles and they look little bare if you don't get some other stuff on them to break up the biliard table effect… can I suggest you get yourself up to B&Q (or somesuch) and purchase 4 or 5 individual carpet tiles in shades of green and mud – all you need to do then is cut them up into squares of about the zise you want for a field.. while your there the ubiquitous front door mats in coir are also worth having… lots of examples on my blog to see what it looks like….

  2. Thanks Steve. yes, need to extra stuff to break it up. The plsu point with the tiles is I can mess around with one side of it to try out and still have a clean side. Want to try and put shallow indents for marsh/pools wet areas etc. but not sure on best way to do it with the tiles. Thought of applying something warm but have visions of the whole tile shrivelling up!
    I need to go to B & Q soon anyway so will grab a couple of tiles.



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