Journal 01

An Original and Authentic Journal of Occurrences in the Late War between Grenouisse and Granprix, 1747
By Private Rüdiger Lamm, von Donovan’s Savage Swans


I was born in the year of our Lord 1731 in the Burgraviate of Altefritzenburg. It was the depths of Winter and the cold, the worse for many years, also took my mother away a few days later. My father, unable to cope with the loss, left me in the care of Church and took service as a soldier. I was not to see him again until I was twelve. He was now serving under a mercenary officer by the name of von Donovan and his famed Legion, the Savage Swans, and it was this man, now in service to and loyal to the Burger who was to play such a large part in my life. I professed a desire to follow my father, the prospect of a life of service to God not being to my taste, but my father insisted I was still too young, but struck a deal with me. The Legion had been hired out to serve in the Colonies across the Ocean to the West, as part of his Brittannic Majestie’s army sent there to quell rebellion.This was not expected to be an easy campaign and not suited to a one of my age and experience, but my Father swore that on his return he would speak to the kommander of the Legion musketeers, Count Vladimir Belisarius, and secure me service in the ranks. And it is now four years later I find myself a musketeer in von Donovan’s Legion, the famed Savage Swans! And in this Journal I shall chronicle my adventures as I set off on my first campaign, in the service of Grennoisse as we set sail to bring Granprix to its knees.

Our story begins as our Legion marches in all it’s finery from our hometown to the great port of Menchaven. The journey was long and dusty but the Oberstgeneral insisted we encamp on the outskirts of the port and bring our kit and appearance to a standard befitting our reputation as some of the finest soldiers in the land.

2nd April 1747 – the Port of Menchaven. We are now aboard ship, a fine vessel under Captain James Krik and the Legion consisting of my own battalion of musketeers, the Grenadiers, the fine Uhlans and dragoons (unfortunately still without horses) and a detachment of native Altefritzenburgers, the veteran Giezers. Separate from all are the Savages from the Colonies under Captain Ewald. They are fearsome to observe but seem of good tempter and not prone to the excesses often heard of their kind. It is rumoured the Burger himself is aboard the flagship and will accompany us in to battle.

11th April 1747 – The Coast of Granprix. Disaster! The once fine fleet was last night scattered as a storm struck with ferocious force. I must admit to terror during the storm but the veterans who crossed to the Colonies just grinned and swore that this was but a minor squall compared to what they had faced on the Great Ocean. Our valiant Captain managed to bring us safely ashore but the dawn will reveal the true extent of our woes.