More New Troops added to the lists…

At the York show I picked up a few figures from Mark (LOSH on General de Brigade) who was selling some of his AWI collection. They are very nicely done. I would have liked to buy more but current funds and my need for big units didn’t permit it. I finally got round to basing … Read more

British Grenadier markers Part 3

Well, after a little break due to illness both for me and the kids I may actually get a game in next Saturday. Here are the rest of the markers I’ve made up for the game. Think I need to see them in use before I decide what to use for what.


Well, made it to York on Sunday. My first time at Vapnartak since it moved to the racecourse. The old venue was ‘characterful’ but not ideal in terms of space and lighting. The new is excellent. Not as spacious as say Derby but good none the less. We arrived about 10:30 to be greeted by … Read more