Well, made it to York on Sunday. My first time at Vapnartak since it moved to the racecourse. The old venue was ‘characterful’ but not ideal in terms of space and lighting. The new is excellent. Not as spacious as say Derby but good none the less. We arrived about 10:30 to be greeted by cars stuck in mud in the parking area but got a spot and headed in. I’d arranged to meet Eccles from the W3D Forums to hand over some Polly Oliver AWI Brits but he texted to say he couldn’t make it.

I’d also arranged to meet Mark who I’ve been negotiating buying some 15mm Polly Oliver AWI from. These were very nice figures: 12 DeLancey’s, 24 Grenadiers, 30 Light Infantry and 18 Casualty figs. There’s a part pic of Delanceys in the post above and I’ll post more when I get them rebased.

Other purchases included:

Pre-cut mdf – both bases and random shapes for woods etc.
Some flock and ‘field’ material
British Grenadier Scenario Book 1
Armies of the Seven Years War: French and Reichsarmee
GMT Monmouth boardgame for £12 on the B&B for £12
Some more Basetex

And for the first time ever I think, NO unpainted figures!

Saw most of the display games but nothing really grabbed. Not to say it wasn’t nice stuff, just not in my interest area – I’m a bit funny like that 🙂

We ended up leaving about 2pm, partly to avoid the impending snow. Enjoyed it though andwill be going again next year, wife permitting!

I’d bought one pack of pre-cut mdf bases which I really like the idea of but they are twice the thickness of the card I use and for my AWI I think the difference shows in 15mm. May use them for my next project, whatever that may be!