British Grenadier markers Part 2

There was an interesting link on TMP to the Koenig Krieg website where they had what look like pre-molded triangular markers with numbers 1-3 and a molded generic musketeer casualty. At least that’s what I take them to be. Can’t find a link to buy any yet so thought I’d have a go at making some of my own – well one to start with:

I know Paul Marsh has done similar for his 15mm BG but using stones to mark the numbers. Can’t decide whether to go for that, this or this with white text on black? Either way, I have another 18 casualty figures I can use and need to get them done for the first BG game on Saturday!

4 thoughts on “British Grenadier markers Part 2”

  1. These look very nice. They have an advantage over stones for counting in that you only need 1 marker per unit not several.

    If you don't get them all finished by your game you can always ring the figures until you finish the markers up. For a game or two it probably won't cause any harm. I don't like doing it long-term but for a game or two I'd be ok with it.

  2. Hi AJ,
    I really want to get them done as I like the ascetics of the game to look good as well. I was going to do order markers but I tend to think that those should be written down anyway to give a bit of the unknown to the opposition.



  3. Nice idea with the marker, I may well copy it.

    I agree with the thickness problem with mdf bases, I got some last year and had the same opinion. What I have done with those I have used is to sand down the edges to make them look thinner.

  4. Those markers are very nice. Easy to read for those of us who in the heat of battle cant count stones that well 8)

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