Another Slight Diversion – Zombie!

Ok. Something a little different but at least it’s a return to the 18th Century! While negotiating the sale of some Polly Oliver figures I was pointed to the Traitor to the Crown trilogy by CC Finlay, consisting of The Patriot Witch, A Spell for the Revolution, and The Demon Redcoat and he described them … Read more

Ad triarios redisse

The triarii of my second legion finally take to the field! Finished these last night. And as the battle draws to a close the triarii await the final attack… These form the final battle group of my second legion: Under the command of the consul for that year: I had done the vexillum of the … Read more

One year old today!

It was one year ago today that I kicked off this blog. It wasn’t my first – I’d been using blogger to catalogue some of my ASL games in my ASL Stuff and Nonsense blog – but it was the start of my proper return to figure gaming. I won’t reiterate the background again here … Read more

Border Reiver – 5th September – AAR

So, with cash in hand I entered the Arena, Newcastle for this year’s Border Reiver Wargames Show. I’ve missed the last couple, mainly due to kid type duties but was keen to go this year. And for me it was a good show. The lighting level in the Arena was, as usual, bloody awful and … Read more