Christmas 2016

This year Christmas has been relatively quiet. Spent The Day at the in-laws and had a rather good feed, all the better for not having had to cook it! Kids seem happy with their DS’s and I’ve so far avoided having to play Pie Face on the grounds the cream used is not vegan! My … Read more

Job lot purchase…

I’d spotted some Minifigs ACW Zouaves on eBay but the price went too high for me and in the end they didn’t hit reserve. As the chap was fairly local I dropped him a message to see if he was interested in a deal if I could collect. He was and I finally popped over … Read more

A Really Useful Post

Life has been a little busy of late. Battleground was good fun and I picked up a few bits and pieces. I secured the rest of the unpainted Dark Realm models of which there was rather a lot – thanks Graham! Other than that the paint brushes have been dry and all I’ve managed is … Read more