Christmas 2016

This year Christmas has been relatively quiet. Spent The Day at the in-laws and had a rather good feed, all the better for not having had to cook it! Kids seem happy with their DS’s and I’ve so far avoided having to play Pie Face on the grounds the cream used is not vegan!

My wife did a good effort on my Christmas list:

I do like the Wargames Annual each year and the latest Refighting History from Mr Grant looks excellent. Not cheap, but I like them. And I’m fine for whisky for a while! Particularly enjoying the Ardbeg…

This holiday I wanted to get the kids playing some games. We’ve had some success in the past with Carcassonne so as one of the ‘family’ presents I bought the first expansion in the new art.

I’ve yet to drag them to the table though. I also grabbed this:

We did manage a couple of games and may manage more. Simple and fun. But I really must try not to win…

And as a present to myself with Krimble money I bought:

Have fancied this for a while. I told my wife it was a cooperative game which she seemed to find hilarious! Somehow thinking that I would be unable to not try to be better at cooperating than everyone else! 🙂 Hoping to get this on the table… before next Christmas…

In other news… Christmas TV has been a bit rubbish. I watched the new Dr Who last night. Thoroughly underwhelmed and baffled by the great reviews it seemed to get as if it was some epic of the television art… Maybe I just dislike Matt Lucas too much… And I’ve not watched much else. Saw clips of Mrs Brown and still have no idea why it is popular or even considered funny. And don’t start me on David Walliams…. Anyway, that’ll do with the complaints!

Wargame-wise I’ll do the ubiquitous Year in Review thing and plans over the next few days. I’m still hoping to get in the attic for a session before the end of the year and have another update to post!

Hope you have all had a good Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Christmas 2016”

  1. A very fine haul of Scotches there! As for TV, life would be boring if everyone liked the same things but I do agree that the Dr Who was fairly pointless, a space filler and little more.

  2. In a recent interview Matt Smith recalled how a fan told him ‘not to break Dr Who’ – which is ironic considering the writer/s have reduced it to nonsensical rambling mush.
    Apparently, Mr Walliams is to be the next Doctor with Mr Lucas as his assistant.
    Tell us more about Pandemic once you’ve played it.

  3. The problem with Dr Who is firstly Mr Capaldi, I honestly cannot watch anything he is in. secondly Moffat as the writer. Really Walliams as the next Dr, I truly, truly hope not.

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