War on the Horizon…

First off, Happy New Year All! It’s been good reading through the many reviews of 2016 and seeing what people have planned for 2017. I’d really hoped to do similar posts myself but the holidays proved more family oriented than expected and I just didn’t get chance to sit at the laptop and wax lyrical. … Read more

6mm DPM Tester

I’ve been wanting to paint some infantry to go with the pile of British armour I’m gradually painting/basing but have put it off and off as I couldn’t decide how to paint them. Various people have suggested just painting them green as they would likely be in NBC suits. Others have said that at the … Read more

6mm SF Dropship

I have lots of figures I need to get painted for my 28mm games in May so it seemed sensible to concentrate on a dropship for my 6mm SF forces! I’ve had the models for these for a few months and cannot take credit for the idea. I think I saw them on a blog … Read more