Workbench update

Although I’ve got the 6mm on the table I realised two things. I was short a couple of command stands. And my defending Altefritzenburg force was rather outnumbered. I had a number of Baccus command figures that had come with my returned 6mm from Paul Bright so it seemed sensible to just base them up quickly until such time as I could paint some Adler ones.

Paul had also recreated the Boleyn Regiment from Iain Burt’s Gateway Alliance. He’d attached some printed flags. He’d also done some Grenadiers which I’d just based as a detached unit. There were a few strips of the musketeers left over in the same colours so I painted up a few matching command so I could do both first and second battalions.

Then came the issue of flags. Iain’s flags are little works of art so the prospect of trying to recreate them in 6mm was a little daunting. But in 6mm you can get away with a lot of impressionistic daubing and any iffy bits get lost when you mount and shape them. So I decided to give it a go.

So here we have the first and second battalions of the Boleyn Regiment with Grenadiers detached.

And some odd command stands…

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