6mm ImagiNations – where we are at…

Right. A broadly unproductive day in painting terms but I did clear my tabletop and throw down all the stuff done to date.

I need more cavalry. And a few more guns. I have enough wargame standard painted stuff to do about another dozen or more infantry units but need to paint lots of command to go with them.

And these are meant to represent my 28mm stuff in 6mm so I should do more Altefritzenburg types. And I have NO Braunschweig troops. The stuff at the bottom is basically ‘French’ so I could just do them as an entirely different army just for the 6mm…and keep Braunschweig as the 28mm opponent. And I am painting some proper French units in 28mm as well…

I probably need to make a plan of some kind… But why start now…

6 thoughts on “6mm ImagiNations – where we are at…”

  1. This all looks very impressive, Andy, but I can’t expand the pictures so I’m not getting the full effect.


  2. Hi Andy,
    I’d not realised that you’re another 6mm enthusiast, they look really nice. I very much like the impression of the complete battlefield you get with 6mm without having the table jammed wall to wall with figures. What rules do you use?
    Oh, and another enthusiast for the traditional Peco backscenes as well.

  3. Hi Brian. I’m very undecided on rules. I think I need a plan first on what I’m trying to achieve rather than just painting random stuff…

    I’m using the home brew rules we use at the Ayton games at the moment but may look at a SYW variant of DBN.

    Or something else… 🙂

    I’ve go another backdrop but I need to mount them both to make them easier to use and move around.

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