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Life has been a little busy of late. Battleground was good fun and I picked up a few bits and pieces. I secured the rest of the unpainted Dark Realm models of which there was rather a lot – thanks Graham! Other than that the paint brushes have been dry and all I’ve managed is a bit of sorting. Up until now I’ve stored most of my figures in box files – especially the 15mm and 6mm stuff. The slimline boxes are ideal but not hugely cheap unless – as we sometimes do – a few get together and do a bulk order. However, I’ve always fancied giving Really Useful boxes a try and as Rymans seemed to always have the A4 ones on 3 for £10 I grabbed a few. They also do an insert tray with compartments which I thought would be good for the assorted markers, and I managed  to track down some of the plain A4 trays to give two levels in a box. You can’t store cavalry and command stands in these but as most troops are generic I don’t think there is an issue storing the command stands separately.

The markers tray:

All the trays are lined with non-slip material. The dark grey I used I thought was a bit dark so I’ve grabbed some white which I think works better:

And you can see the two layers nicely here:

And of course they stack quite well!

Still a bit of sorting to do but getting there.

And finally the Forged in Battle War and Empire Kickstarter stuff arrived! Lots of Gauls and pikemen! And lots of painting. Very nice figures though and I’m looking forward to giving them a go.

Hopefully I’ll have some time over the holiday period to get more sorting, some painting and even a game!

2 thoughts on “A Really Useful Post”

  1. I really like the 4L boxes, bought mine from assorted places including the Ryman sale. For 6mm 60mm square (or two 30×60) bases of 6mm they also do 25 section inserts that Hobby Craft sell at £5 a tray where you can fit two in.


  2. Nice to see you were restrained with the kickstarter and didn’t overdo it!
    Looking forward to posts about getting these painted. Do you think there’ll still be an internet in 2040?

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