eBay Union Cavalry

I’ve been planning on doing more cavalry for my Union forces for a while and have some more 2nd Gen Minifigs lined up. However, I spotted this lot on eBay the other day and thought they were worth a punt. 2nd Gen Minifigs and reasonable paintjob. Admittedly yet another blue but I can live with that. Honest…

Forty figures. Two lots of 12 and a 16. One lot being Rush’s Lancers (6th Pa.) which have had the original lances replaced and two more units. Paintjob is quite tidy. Obviously I need to rebase…. :). They are on thin plywood so I’m hoping a looooong soak will make removal easy… and I will need to paint a command stand or two so yet again the joy of matching a blue…

20161116_215522 20161116_215533 20161116_215541 20161116_215601

Quite pleased with them really. I think the lancers need a red pennant adding.


3 thoughts on “eBay Union Cavalry”

  1. I would not worry to much about different blues. Manufacture of such by many suppliers probably meant differences on colour of cloth. Also wear and weathering would change the colour of the cloth.

  2. I agree! Union may be more accurate in multi hues, but the army looks better with most in a standard blue!
    These are Wargames figures,after all!

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