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Quick question. Situation as below:

Units inAA7 Assault move into Z6.

I can strip concealment as they cross the open AA7/Z6 hexside?
I can snapshot at 4 flat?

I know it probably seems obvious but my brain hurts this morning!

[EDIT] Found the rules reference:

A12.141 says that :

A Snap Shot attack opportunity is not sufficient to cause the moving unit to lose its concealment unless the attack generates a “PTC” or better result.

So no ? loss and my FP attack would be 2FP flat



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  1. The rules for concealment loss are for non-assault moving into a non-concealment hex. So you won't lose concealment crossing the little bit of open ground on the hexside.

    If you fire as a snapshot, you're doubled for range, halved for the snap shot and halved again for concealment. So it's 5*2=10/2=5/2=2 flat.

    Or you could wait until they get into the hex where you're doubled for range and halved for concealment. That would be 5*2=10/2=5 but at +1 or +2 for (light or dense) jungle.

    If it's dense jungle I'd go for the snap shot. If it's light, it's pretty much a wash (although snakes would be a 2 check instead of a 1 check if you wait). In either case, you may want to subsequent fire since they will spend more than 1 MF, esp. if you do get lucky enough to strip the concealment.


  2. Sorry John, forgot to say. I went for the snapshot. Got an NMC which he passsed, the SFF when he entered the jungle for no result. Then the other sq fired and SFF for no result. The resulting CC phases saw 3 dead marines and 2 dead Japanese squads. Given the VCs in this I can happily trade 1 for 1 until all the enemy are dead and then walk off enough VPs for victory/

    I hope!



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