RPT2 Kerepesi Cemetery

Played this on Wednesday against my regular opponent Neil Brunger, our first game after a few months break. We were both a bit rusty on the rules but it’s a relatively straightforward one so few problems were encountered.

The Hungarians setup well back but with a small force in J5 to keep me straight. MMG and HMG were in S8 and T4 with an 8-1 on Level 2 covering the approach well. The StugIIIs were in P6 and Q6 with a couple of dummy 5/8″s in P3 to keep me guessing.

I setup my MMG, LMG and 8-1 on Level 1 in E6 to give cover while the Assault team (DC, FT and 9-1 with some support) pushed up the middle with the bulk of the first line squads and 7-0 heading down my right flank. Two T34/85s joined them while the other with squad support went down the left.

I succumbed to a couple of LOS blunders from his HMG/LMG combo seeing a couple of broken squads on my right. The center assault faired better giving a foothold in the woods but as they moved to the tree line got hammered by the MGs again with Hungarians pushing forward again to counterattack. The T34s stalled on the right as the troops guarding the road threatened with PFs and the forward tank got smoked. As my 9-1 in the woods succumbed to the Russian sniper things were looking bad for such a short scenario.

I pushed the other T34 down the left, braving a PF but breaking the support of the now dummy revealed Stug. On the right the first T34 became shocked and soon was confirmed elimated while the second pushed an Intensive Fire shot at an approaching Stug only to malf the gun and disable it next Rally Phase for a Recall. By now my overwatch team in the building had come down and the FT was taking it’s toll in the center as I finally pushed into the cemtery. As my last T34 was stuck on the left with little time to move round it was threatened by his HMG team rushing down with PFs at the ready and despite turning to face the threat succumber next fire phase but failed to burn.

The Stug that had moved out to threaten my T34 on the right malfed its gun on the last Hungarian player turn and a few deaths from Failure to Rout in the cemetery had put the Hungarians on the back foot. The Russian 7-0 and 2 squads had pushed round the right to finally advance into the last Stug in the woods. Getting ambush they took it out and the final turn saw a 9-1 and squad with a last foothold covering the cemetery in Q3. The last Stug failed to repair so was out for Victory purposes and my remaining squads pushed to take out the last Hungarians. Braving supporting MMG fire and residual they closed in but it was the FT at long range, safe from all SFF attacks that was to break the leader and final squad for a close Russian victory.

All in all, a fun game and the usual tight Schwerpunkt design. ROAR has this now 22:11 for the Russians and given that I didn’t play too well and still won I would give the Hungarians the Balance.

Nice to be playing again anyway.