Little Update November…

Been a little bit of a slow week. After the flurry of activity getting the boards done I’ve pretty well done sod all all week! The good news about Battlegames was welcome and hopefully there will be another update soon from Henry. Had a few arrivals on the reading front. Cold War Gone Hot for Force on Force looks good and I hope to try that using 6mm soon. I picked up the SF/Fantasy Special, Darker Horizons, from Miniature Wargames which I’ll review soon, and also the latest Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. As this is the third of the ‘new’ magazine I plan to review all three soon to get a handle on where the magazine is going.

On the painting front, I’ve just about finished off some BTR-50s with mortar teams and a sagger team and have a GHQ T-62A battalion based and ready to go. You’ll hopefully notice that I’ve expanded the Syrian section on the Painting Master Plan to the right. It’s not the definitive list but it does give me something to tick off as I go until I can get a proper list worked out. I’ll likely add the IDF re-basing to the list at some point as well.

Had a bit of a flurry on eBay to pick up some GHQ models (mostly at half price or less and new in pack) for my Italians and British for North Africa, as well as a pack of Super Shermans for the IDF. These should arrive in the next week and give me a good addition to this project. I’ve even added the A9 and A10s to my Christmas list in the vain hope someone will take the hint!

So that’s it for the week. Still scared to do the Wargaming Neutral…. 🙂