A night on the tiles…

Well, a night and half a day really. And a few years ago I’d have been talking about imbibing alcohol! But not now… Terrain Tiles! That’s what I’m talking about! But first a little history… Back when I started getting back into figure gaming up here in Newcastle (c.1998) and started my AWI project my … Read more

Syrian Support (for ’73 not now!)

I wanted to put together some support for the infantry. Mortars in the GHQ Heavy Weapons pack are fine (though only three of them!) and I’d assumed the ATGWs were Saggers (AT-3s) but I think they’re actually Spandrels (AT-7s?). Now for the Syrians I need the Suitcase Sagger. Which GHQ don’t do. Mainforce don’t do. … Read more

Battlegames Magazine RIP?

Found out today that Battlegames magazine is looking like discontinuing –  at least as a print magazine. Here’s the full announce from the Battlegames website: I am sorry to inform you that following a review of the business, I am no longer able to proceed with further printed issues of the magazine in its current … Read more