Veltrim for desert terrain

A while back when I was trying to sort out some desert terrain by repainting my Purbeck Terrain tiles someone suggested using a material called Veltrim as a base cloth (mainly for 6mm games). Before Christmas I tracked down a supplier on eBay (toeragstruckmats). The Sand colour I wanted was out of stock but they let me know when it was back in and even posted a small sample. The material is used for lining the inside of cars/camper vans and is about 3mm thick. It has a smoother base side and and slightly furrier top side. The colouring is a more beige type sand but it matched the paint I used for my tiles and seems OK, if not your usual yellow sand.

It comes in 2m wide strips and you buy a meter for £7.95. I went for 2m for a total of £23.40  including shipping. It arrived about 2 weeks ago but with work and kids and the York show it was only last night that I finally unpacked it! I was relieved to see it was the right colour and this evening, after getting the kids to bed I dragged it downstairs and with pen, tape and scissors in hand I set to it!

For the main use (if I ever get a game again!) I wanted a 6ftx4ft piece so the first stage was to trim a 4ft length off the main width (200cm). The piece I was sent was actually 237cm long so taking this last piece I measured off another 4ft length to give me a 48″ x 45″ piece for smaller skirmish and hopefully FUBAR type games!

This still left a decent size piece so I thought it would be good to hack this in to various shapes for contoured hills. I’ve done a good selection of shapes with a few small bits to make them interesting. Taking pictures in the evening in my back room doesn’t do wonders for the colour (and I could really have done with having some models on for ‘effect’) but it does give you a good idea of what it all looks like.

I’m quite pleased with it and having spent today having a big clearout in the attic I have finally cleared the table and laid out the two 4ftx2ft bits of MDF with a view to a little skirmish of some kind in the near future. And at least now I have some terrain!


4 thoughts on “Veltrim for desert terrain”

  1. I’m impressed. Looks great in the pics. I had a load of carpet tiles that I was going to use to the same end before I made my boards but the weight put me off. How heavy was the chunk you bought? Does it maintain its shape when unrolled or do you have to nail down the corners? I know you said the lighting was bad but is the shading in the pics natural or did you have to do anything to it? Overall, I’d give it 8 out of 10 for versatility and mobility.

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