Wargaming Neutral May 2011 Summary

Available Credits 81.50
Available Funds

Mmmm… not the recovery month I planned! I’d hoped to sell another FWC army (the PacFed one is still available) which would have given me another £55 coming in which would have been close to breaking even. I still have other bits and pieces to sell so should manage it next month…honest…

Main expenses have been the rulebooks and my last minute collapse of will and purchase of assorted 20mm modern Soviets (and a few Brits)! I’ve managed quite a few bits of microarmour repainted and based (pics to follow) and have more nearly done. I also have a large batch of terrain bits to claim for!

Targets for June are to:

  • finish off the terrain bits
  • paint the Blue Moon AWI
  • do more micro armour
  • paint some of the 20mm modern
  • sell more stuff!

Not sure if I’ll manage all that…

Full breakdown here


3 thoughts on “Wargaming Neutral May 2011 Summary”

  1. I feel you pain,

    I was going great guns with resisting after a hefty shopping trip to salute the I picked up a PAVN army for flames of war nam!

  2. Wargaming Neutral is about as possible as House Neutral, or Family Neutral – they all suck every last cent from your grisly corpse!
    More fun(wargaming!)though eh?

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