Partizan tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning I shall arise at the crack of dawn (no real change there with two kids!) and depart in the car to collect Ian and head down to Newark for Partizan. I went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it and am looking forward to tomorrow. Spending has had to be a little curtailed. Partly because I’m trying to get my whole Wargaming Neutral thing back on track, but mostly because I just had to fork out £300+ on the bloody car to enable to get there! Just because some garage thinks it needs working brakes and legal tyres…picky, picky, picky 🙂

Planned purchases are British Grenadier Deluxe, maybe Hail Caesar!, and a major search among the paint suppliers for a match to my ultra rare and diminished Ral Partha green paint I use for my Swans!

I did just crack and order Fistful of Tows 3 via Lulu. The standard price is a bit steep but I’ve read some good things about it and fancy giving it a try. Normally about £40 in the coil bound, I found a voucher to give 25% off so that got it to a more reasonable level. Anyway, will see later in the week.

I think the T80 shown on the last post is definitely an H&R T80 ERA so I’ve ordered six of them to finish off the unit. And have two more T80 battalions on the go and another three BMP. You can never have too many Russians!

Hopefully show report tomorrow…


6 thoughts on “Partizan tomorrow!”

  1. Andy, I'd love to hear how you like FFT3. I'm also gonna steal your idea of a master painting plan.


  2. Enjoy Andy

    can't beleive I just wont be there. I did get some FTF gaming in today to make up for it though.


  3. I've just got back and it was just so quiet it was scary. No crowds, easy access and plenty of stock. All the same it was good to be able to get and look at the games and see the effort put in.

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