Happy Birthday to me!

So, yes, today is my birthday. Forty-seven and I don’t feel a day over fifty! At least I got out last night for some nice tapas, sangria and cocktails and as the kids were at their Nan’s we got a lie in this morning. I’d asked for some of the new ASL stuff from MMP … Read more

Updated For Sale Page!

I have added a small Modern Canadian force and two lovely Future War Commander armies to my For Sale page. Reluctant to part with them but there is only so much I can accomplish in a year and I need to trim projects down a little (again!). Cheers Andy

Stylish Blogger Award

I tend to have a natural aversion to partaking of these sort of things but in general I think this one is a good thing. It allows people to show genuine appreciation for other peoples blogs, make the blogoshere in general aware of them and reveal a few interesting tidbits about themselves. So, I’ve had … Read more

Having a gander at the swan…

OK. Just because a few people mentioned this at the Ayton Weekend game, here’s how I did the swan mascot, Ganymede. After trawling the web and childrens toy suppliers I found that no one, anywhere, seems to do swans in 28mm. I could possibly have got some nice sedate floating on water ones but that … Read more