Having a gander at the swan…

OK. Just because a few people mentioned this at the Ayton Weekend game, here’s how I did the swan mascot, Ganymede.

After trawling the web and childrens toy suppliers I found that no one, anywhere, seems to do swans in 28mm. I could possibly have got some nice sedate floating on water ones but that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted an attack swan!

So after posting on TMP, Nic Robson at Eureka came to my rescue and sent me several of his 40mm geese from the And One for All range. So this is what I started with:

I figured that chap on the right had the right sort of dynamic pose I was looking for, so first was a bit of careful filing on the head to make it less goose-like. Then I cut the neck at roughly the mid point and used a pin drill to drill a hole in the centre of each side. Having failed to find some suitable wire I ended up with a straightened paperclip to extend the neck to what I judged to be the right length. A bit of green stuff wrapped round the wire and shaped, and a little over the back where the wings attached gave me this:

And finally a paint job and handler (a spare RSM Austrian artillery officer) gave me the finished product.


I was quite pleased with it and he did great service as the Legion mascot in the great victory over Granprix! And thanks again to Nic for providing the figures.

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