And a few more bits!

I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment. Back for the Lion Rampant game at Ayton last year I needed a few ‘command’ figures for my Normans and in the end decided I would create The Brotherhood of the Swan as some religious forebears of my C18th Savage Swans! I chose the Perry 1st Crusade Hospitaller command and just painted the three and added three Conquest plastic Normans to give me my six figure Lion Rampant unit. I’d intended making them up to a six figure Hospitaller unit last year and bought the figures but they sat in a box until this week! And now have the six figures for my completed mounted Brotherhood of the Swan!  I have some of the Fireforge Foot Templars and think I can do foot versions of them as well at some point!

And to round off this session, Simon (Goat Major – go see his blog!) sent me some figures recently and amongst them was an old monk. A bit of Googling ID’d it as Citadel C03-19 Priest with Club, 1983. So this has been painted up as Brother Simon, a travelling monk, currently providing religious ‘advice’ to the local population and always happy to discuss any matter and often bring the conversation to a rapid conclusion with his trusty club!

It’s a nice old figure but I found the face hard to paint without the benefit of modern sculpting detail. 

So, a little more progress. Some more Normans next!