On the workbench…

Well, lots of other people just do these posts so I may as well introduce a little consistency, plus it means I’m more likely to make more regular posts as I’m not restricted to finished stuff!

The 6mm scenery continues as I’ve based up the rest of the trees I have (now need more!). The first lot I did on spare round bases with a view to just dropping them on the pieces of felt (see one of the pics below) but for these I thought I’d do individual bases that can be used on their own.


All trees are from Timecast (dipped in watered PVA to ‘fix’ the foliage and stiffen them up), bases are uncoated MDF, the little pond uses model railway ‘water’ (can’t remember the make) and the flock is from various sources mixed together and with a few of the small Silfor tufts scattered round and a couple of bigger pieces for the reeds. I’m planning a few bigger sections where I’ll likely make the base big enough to deploy troops on the edge and have dense wood in the middle.

Next up is the prep of the next batch for my FUBAR 6mm SF forces. This will be the scout force plus a big tank because…well…because I have one!

At some point the GHQ models I’m waiting for for my Syrians will arrive but I had a few M48s spare from the Belgians I had and I thought I’d try one in desert colours for the IDF. Still need to add some markings though. Pale sand base, sepia wash, buff highlight (all Vallejo)


And finally, as I succumbed to the GHQ Western Desert, I picked up a small batch of Italian vehicles on eBay. The basing is just plane birdcage grit and when I can find a supplier for the matching type I may use that for my desert basing as I think it looks good and it is much quicker than PVA’ing sand, painting and drydrushing! Add a few suitable tufts and I think it will look great.

So, there we are. Lots still to do and still flitting between projects like a true wargamer!


2 thoughts on “On the workbench…”

  1. The Italian Sahariana's are lovely! Along with their artillery, the Italians did good armoured cars as well… shame about their tanks!

    W.r.t basing, I've just finished rebasing my whole WWII collection – I used builders sharp sand unmodified – no inks/washes/dry brushes, straight out of the bag on a layer of PVA… I think it looks good, certainly saved time!

  2. So all you have to now is to find a supplier, make up some new matching boards, re-base any existing desert type terrain and off you go.
    This is why I opted for a generic sandy/browny/earthy base colour for all my stuff, it might not fit every theatre on the planet but it is consistent and for more verdant climes it's easier to add a bit more greenery to the table such as lichen and random clumpy bits to take the edge off.
    All of your modern chaps and terrain looks great on the matching bases by the way and the table is not too far off either. Love the pylons.

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