Timecast Goodness…

I’ve paid a couple of visits recently to Timecast in Shrewsbury, mainly to pick up trees and to chat about techniques and things. They’ve always been very helpful and I have a small pile of their buildings waiting to be painted! In the meantime, for use in out Cold War Commander games, Ian had commissioned a few pieces from Timecast and there arrived last week and I finally got to pop round and see them tonight. I took a load of pictures, partly to display here as examples of Timecast’s fine work, and partly to steal ideas for colours and layouts for my own stuff – when I get round to it!

This is all 1/300th for use in Cold War Commander and is intended to be German in theme. First up is the town:


This can be extended to include a light industrial area:


And on the outskirts of the town is the airport:


And if you don’t fancy flying you’ll no doubt need to fill up you car at the Petrol Station:


It’s really nice stuff and I just wish I could afford to buy some myself, but it has given me inspiration to do my own. I now look forward to laying waste to the lot of it with my Soviet hordes in the next game! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Timecast Goodness…”

  1. that lot looks really good! I love the small detail lite the green house & white fencing,

    I really need to get round to playing a game of CwC!

  2. top notch city! Absolutly realistic and a lot of lovely details!!!! Pure eye candy!

  3. That airport looks stunning. I have the Stallingrad grain elevator from Timecast and have been meaning to get it into a terrain board rather than just as a stand alone piece. All these buildings look stunning when added to bases with that super-detail level.

    It always amazes that I often see more detail put into a 6mm layout than a 28mm game. At my local club they are happy with a badly painted foam hill and a rubber mat to show where the trees are! 15 years as a member and I just can't convince them that the terrain is important.

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