Projects and General Update…

Well, been a slow month or so on the hobby front. Not helped by the sad news of Ian Daglish’s death which kind of puts a lot of things in perspective. I’ve taken delivery of the Le Franc Tireur module on Cholm which is an excellent product which I hope to review shortly. It’s not … Read more

Wargaming Neutral – July 2011 Update

Available Credits -1.50 Available Funds -148.48 Bit of a delay on this one as I’ve been busy and not hugely motivated to face it! The above total has a couple of things from August included but is right to within a few quid for July. It was a quiet month really. I completed the first … Read more

RIP Ian Daglish

It was with much shock and sadness that I yesterday learned of the death of Ian Daglish ( following the plane he was flying crashing into houses in Salford on Friday. Ian was a great part of the British and International ASL community, a regular at tournaments, a great scenario designer and a respected author. … Read more