Wargaming Neutral – July 2011 Update

Available Credits -1.50
Available Funds

Bit of a delay on this one as I’ve been busy and not hugely motivated to face it! The above total has a couple of things from August included but is right to within a few quid for July. It was a quiet month really. I completed the first few 6mm SF minis for my VonDon Corp side project and have a batch of BTRs lined up which should get my credits back in plus and that has been about it! I have however managed to sell off the surplus Modern microarmour I have which has brought in £90 and in the visit this week to Shrewsbury I was given £100. In reality this will be spent on food and childcare but as it was given to me as a gift it goes in the ‘toy’ pot so has helped pull the hugely negative cash balance back in line!

Still a way to go to get back on track but getting there. Need to dig out the other spare figures I need to part with and see if that helps.

Project update and some changes (and one little ‘diversion’!) to follow…