More troops for the King…

Well, finally saw Terry last night and picked up some figures and more Purbeck Terrain – some I think is Gary’s so if you’re reading this, I have it on loan now :-).

Figures consist of…

Hessians – von Bose. Old Glory figures.

British Legion Cavalry. Polly Oliver figures.
Still lots more to paint for Cowpens!

And finally, straying way south, some native support!

Terry’s painting is really nice and the photos don’t do them justice. There’s a command stand for the Hessian 90% complete which may be my first task. The remaining British Legion cavalry will probably be Old Glory as I have few if any of the Polly Oliver figures left.

There was also a nice selection of the 9″ Purbeck blocks with roads and rivers and some more hills and trees. I can put together a fair size battlefield now – if only I had a table to put it on!

Also gotback my copy of Ewald’s Hessian Journal which has cropped up many times in the account if the Philadelphia campaign I’m currently reading.

Took delivery of the Encyclopedia of Uniforms of the American Revolution. Only had a quick glance but the images seem to be of variable quality. Some very nice, some less so. Text seems very pro -American to me too :-). Some useful info there though so will investigate more later.

Back again soon…probably after Derby.