Derby 2008

Well, made it to Derby at the weekend after missing it for a few years. Traveled down on Friday PM to Birmingham and had a few beers and a curry and traveled over with Billy who was going to be playing in the WRG 6th Edition (very) Ancients tournament.

I like Derby Uni as a venue. Very open, light and spacious and one of the better venues I’ve been to. I’d hoped to pick up some 15mm AWI on the Bring and Buy and maybe some Freikorps from anyone stocking them. Failed on both counts. I was dissappointed with the bring and buy, although I’ve had some bargains in the past, but maybe if I’d have found some AWI I’d be raving about how good it was!

I saw two lots of painted 15mm AWI on stalls there and for the estimated £1 per figure I didn’t think the painting was worth it. Of boxed sets I think it was down to the painter. Some of the boxes were rather nice but the ones I wanted were a different painter and I just didn’t rate them.

The other figures I looked at have a bit of a story. Maybe not an interesting one but one none the less!. The last time I went to Derby 3-4 years ago I saw a collection of 15mm AWI on the B&B. Probably a couple of hundred figures and at the time I thought worth the £70 but as I knew gaming time was fading at that time I didn’t think I could justify the expense. Roll forward to Saturday and after talking to a stall holder he said he had a collection to sell and could get them to the show before I had to leave at 4pm. They duly arrived, and I was much excited at the prospect of getting the Brits I need even at £1 per figure. Turned out it was the same batch I’d seen 4 years ago and to be honest they weren’t worth the £1 each. I could have spent time working on them and maybe applied a wash to bring out the detail but the style wouldn’t have fitted what I have and for the cost/effort it wasn’t really worth it. I was gutted to be honest as the guy had put himself (well ,his wife) out getting them to me.

Suppose this brings me to the cost of painted figures. I had a couple of units painted 6-7 years ago at c.90p a figure, which I supplied. They fitted in with my style and I was happy to pay it. I’ve seen online ads for painting with nice figures around the £1 mark and others up to £2 for very nice stuff. I’m tempted, if I can find a suitable painter to get a couple of units of redcoats done just to bolster the forces while I get more painting done and allow me to play. Just don’t know who to go with for something that will match mine? Suggestions?

Noone carried Freikorps but found one of my local suppliers (Under the Bed) can get them for me. Also looked for Old Glory 15’s who are now apparently available from Timecast in Shrewsbury. This is where I grew up and started gaming and turned out one the guys from the old club lives just round the corner from my Aunt in Shrewsbury and bumped in to him and a few of the other regulars at the show, some of which I haven’t seen for decades! As I still go visit in Shrewsbury a few times a years I’ll be calling at Timecast and maybe the club next time I’m down.

Also picked up the British Grenadier rules which I’ve been reading a lot about and quite fancy. Chatted with Paul from the BG forums who did a good job of selling them to me further!

Good show overall. Spent not a lot so wife is happy. Looking forward to making the reborn but soon to die again Stockton Show next month as well!

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  1. No suggestions for painters I'm afraid – never used them, have always wanted to paint my own figures so just start by painting one unit per side, matching unit for the other side, and so forth… the first battles are small, but you soon get critical mass…. :o))

    I do like the Freikorps cavalry – I have a review/comparison on my WSS project blog, but I've never tried the infantry as Minifigs kind of tick all the boxes – I'd be interested in your feedback on them???

  2. I generally like to do my own but occasionally if I see some painted where the style fits in with my own I'll boost the forces that way. I really want to get a few games going and if I can get 2 units of redcoats on the table along side what I already have it'll get things moving. I already have the 71st and 7th (or is it 9th?) undercoated and ready to go.

    Agree re Freikorps. I use their cavalry for my AWI Americans along with a few Polly Oliver and I like them, especially the personality figures. I do find the foot a bit more variable. I've used their militia a lot as they fit nice with the Essex. Some figures are smaller than average and the detail, especially faces, is not good on some. but is this a big issue in 15mm?

    I've never really took to minifigs. They seem a little small and too uniform for me. I've seen big battalions of them laid out and they look lovely. I think I just prefer the other ranges. I may do a comparison on my site when I get access to a better camera for closeups.

    Had a look at your WSS blog. nice stuff. Will add it to my list.


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