Finally some painting…

Well, after a four year lull I finally started painting again last night and tonight. I’ve had to buy some reading glasses from ASDA to make it possible (and will be getting a proper eye test soon via work!) as my eyesight has gone right down hill in the last few years…

I’ve said earlier that the von Bose unit I got from Terry was missing the last command element, the four figures of which needed finishing off. That was to be my first task. However, on starting I spotted the big flaw. And no one spotted this in the picture I posted before…the uniforms were wrong! For some reason they had red cuffs. I was sure we’d given Terry the info for von Bose but maybe he decided to do his own thing?

So, spent last night and tonight repainting the various bits and finishing off the command. They’re done now but all need rebasing as I had to bend the bases out to get to the cuffs on some figures. That is tomorrows task. I’ll then post a picture…if I can find the correct standard for the unit.

Next up will be the 71st. I’ve done two stands already and they came out really nice. Hopefully the rest will match.

3 thoughts on “Finally some painting…”

  1. You're probably right re Erbprinz but I'm sure we were aiming for either Cowpens or Guilford.

    Annoyingly, I can't find the right flag so they may have to wait a little.

    Adding some white to the figures has brightened them up a bit as well so I think they'll look fine on the table.

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