The British are coming!

Seems I have far fewer British troops than I thought. The other two guys had done the Royal Welch, some Hessians, Indians and Tarleton’s Dragoons which made up a respectable force for the few games we had. My contribution was: British Legion InfantryBritish Light InfantryJaegerscontingent of 71st HighlandersTarleton himself and a British Major for him … Read more

A First Attempt at Photos

I’m not a photographer and this is just to get something going but here is my current American Order of Battle: This is what I’ve got painted so far: First Line, left to right: Lee’s Legion Foot, Regular Light Infantry, Riflemen Second Line, behind the fence: Militia Third Line, Continentals: New York, Virginia, Maryland Cavalry: … Read more

Reference Books

This is the start of my list of reference books I own for the period. I’ll update and add to it as necessary: Babits, Lawrence E. (1998). A Devil of a Whipping: The Battle of Cowpens. University of North Carolina. Bichenko, Hugh. (2003). Rebels and Redcoats. Harper Collins, London. Buchanen, John. (1999). The Road to … Read more


Don’t have much time to write about the rules now but here is a link to the download. They are based on Andy Callan’s Loose Files and American Scramble which appeared in Wargames Illustrated many moons ago. I got rid of all my wargame mags a few years back as part of a pre-family cull, … Read more

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