The British are coming!

Seems I have far fewer British troops than I thought. The other two guys had done the Royal Welch, some Hessians, Indians and Tarleton’s Dragoons which made up a respectable force for the few games we had.

My contribution was:

British Legion Infantry
British Light Infantry
contingent of 71st Highlanders
Tarleton himself and a British Major for him to upstage!

When I can afford some lights I’ll try for some better detail shots but to introduce them here comes the British flank attack!

The Maryland Continentals are forced to face their flank as Light Infantry descend from the woods and the British Legion supported by the 71st Highlanders launch their attack, Hessian Jaegers pushing back the riflemen and harassing the Continentals. Tarleton himself urges them on.

The Light Infantry emerge from the woods in support of the main attack.

The British Legion infantry, shielded by Jaegers, begin their assault.

I’d like to get some detail shots and closeups of the troops but may need to borrow a better camera for that. I now need to decide what to paint next…

3 thoughts on “The British are coming!”

  1. Figures. I plan on doing this in a bit more detail when I have the use of a better camera but for the Brits:

    Light Infantry – Polly Oliver
    British Legion – Old Glory
    71st Highlanders – Polly Oliver
    Jaegers – Polly Oliver
    Tarleton – Freikorps
    British Officer – Polly Oliver

    The Americans are a mix of all of the above and Essex. They all mix in pretty well with the Old Glory being a little bulkier. I have a few Lancashire figures but while I like some of them they are veritable giants compared to what I have and just don't fit.


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