AAR – J103 Lenin’s Sons : Turn 5

German Turn 5

This time the broken troops rally and sensing victory the Germans move in for the kill. With Germans closing in on the J7 building the Russians fire to little effect and break their LMG as the leader and engineers place a Demolition Charge on top of them! Advancing from L6 to K6 a squad takes heavy casualties and breaks as it encounters Russian Assault Engineers, the remainder dying as moredefensive fire pours into them. Expecting the Russians to have withdrawn to the buildings the squad from K10 encounters Russians on the edge of the wood and breaks in J9. And finally, their task done, the last squad in the building abandons the LMG and rushes to join the battle.

The Demo charge explodes, breaking the elite troops in the building. Meanwhile, in L6 the flamethrower is finally brought into play and the Russian Assault Engineers in J5 cannot take the heat and break.

End of German Turn 5

Russian Turn 5

Again, German troops seem reluctant to rally in the north and the Russians begin their defence of the southern buildings, eliminating the HS in K3. While in the north, the Russians in the G8 woods break under fire forcing them further back into the woods. The Russians juggle their defences and prepare for the final stand.

End of Russian Turn 5