Voici venir les éclairs!

In other words – allowing for the language limitations of Google – more Belgians! These are the continuation of the support elements for the 17th Armoured Brigade:

 First up are the M75s that will carry my Engineers. These are a lovely little model from Scotia and I’ve already bought another ten as apparently I can put reserve units in them!

 The Belgians also had some jeep mounted Milans. No one does the correct model but this is close, from the Scotia Chinese range. I should probably move the spare tyre to the bonnet and remove the windscreen. Small model but it does allow a bit of space for scenics!

 The support element (AT) also has some M113A1-MIL/Milan-1 which have twins hatches rather than the central hatch and a .50cal on the left and a Milan on the right.

The central hatch was cut off and two side hatches stuck on. The .50cal is from CinC but is very fine and fragile so I’ll likely do future ones in wire and green stuff as in the AIFVs.
And last up is the artillery support. M109A2s. This is a lovely little model from Heroics and Ros. Very crisp detail. There is a hole to mount an MG but it may be too fragile for general use. I have it on reliable evidence (Jeff on the CWC Forums) that the unit (his unit) was in green and black camo in the late 80s so that is what I’ve gone for.

And finally, on Jeffs say so, his unit apparently had regular deliveries via truck of chocolate eclairs!

So there’s the man with the (I assume!) silver tray delivering them to the hard working gunners! Apologies if the eclairs look like dog turds but they’re bloody hard to model in 1/300th!

Although I have a Sultan based FAO I need to do one in an AIFV-CP for this unit.

More to follow after Sunday’s big CWC game.

3 thoughts on “Voici venir les éclairs!”

  1. Scotia have improved from the days I was buying resin PzKwIV's with skirts on them. Mind you, the paint job on yours is fair better than the one I supplied my tanks too, Cracking Job.

  2. Cheers guys. I'm quite enjoying doing this lot but am feeling a pull back to 15mm for a change of scene.

    Phil, the hills are Purbeck Terrain. I've got a fair bit of this and am desperate to sell it as I just don't have the space!



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