No, not more Belgians! Just an update and some ponderings as progress has been slow of late and I feel the need for an update…

Well, last weekend was meant to be a serious wargaming weekend for me. Saturday a trip to Middlesbrough for SMOGGYCON where I had bases to collect and the usual risk of buying new stuff for a new period! But snow descended and my lift, Phil, could not get his car out of the drive so the trip was cancelled. Apparently 205 still made it through the door so kudos so the Smoggy guys for keeping it running and a real shame I missed it. It’s on my calendar next year so I WILL be going!

Sunday, the next game in the 1980s CWC game run by the North Shields Club was due. Again weather intervened and my lift fell through, but the club meeting was cancelled and I’m still waiting to see when I can make it again. It’s not looking good for this year though as tomorrow (4th) is my daughters 5th Birthday so this weekend is ‘dead’ and so are the next two with various children based festive activities and then it’s Christmas! I’m hoping I can get some gaming related stuff done over the holiday though. Maybe round off the Belgians into a full force?

Blog – I’m now up to 91 Followers, which I’m rather proud of! It also seems like I’m following 91 other blogs as well! I don’t get time to post comments on all but I do check them all. There is some good stuff out there, entertaining and inspiring.

I’m also up to 29778 visits which again is pleasing. I may do the inevitable stats analysis when I hit 30000! It would be nice to make 100 Followers by the end of the year but for that I would really need a couple of good posts with progress and pics and I can’t see that happening!

The guys over at the WD3 Forum are also planning a gathering next April which I hope to attend and partake of the 18th Century Imagi-Nation game planned. This will involve a brief foray into painting 28-30mm figs. Only a battalion and maybe a few cavalry but it will be interesting to do. My plan is for a sort of Irish Legion (a la the AWI British Legion) in Austrian/Germanic service and under the command of Oberstleutnant Seamus Gunter von Donovan! Uniforms likely to be green and black I think…

There is also talk of a Dark Age skirmish so I’ll be facing the inevitable urge to do a ‘warband’ for that!

I’ll not start on my plans for 2011 yet, and I also have plans for a post on ‘Obsessive Diversions’ as a way to explain/justify the funds I spend on new projects.

3 thoughts on “Waffle…”

  1. Hi Andy,

    91 followers! Thats a pretty good number of folks interested in your work.

    I'll see you at the WD3 game at Ayton in April. I can offer you a lift down on the Friday and back up on the Sunday. Don't worry about accepting lifts from strangers as I think we have met before! You did do the 'intelligent systems'?

    my email is:




  2. 91 followers is a large number but then again your blog deserves them. I might get round to posting some pics of my painted armies on my blog sometime. 1/300 Naps, 15mm Ancients and ECW


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