Minor update – no pics…

Life has been hectic. Work, kids, Christmas prep… so not getting as much progress as expected. Have some support elements for my Belgians part done. Some jeep based Milans, M109s, M75s for my engineers and have converted some M113s to have twin turrets with a .50cal and a Milan mounted. Did the Milans with green stuff and they may be a bit chunky! The .50cals were from CinC and while very nice little casts they are very thin and fragile and I may yet resort to my wire and green stuff version! I also have a treat for Jeff over on the CWC forums!

Next big game is on the 28th – day after Smoggycon, which I’m really looking forward to – where I expect my diminished Soviets to struggle in their next battle! I’m even considering swapping my T-72s or T-62s to stretch the points a little more, and having some BMPs without Saggers…

Hopefully I’ll have some more Belgian pics soon and then reports on Smoggy and the game.

Back soon…

2 thoughts on “Minor update – no pics…”

  1. "Life has been hectic."
    Ha, know where you're coming from!
    can't make Smoggy, but can do Recon, are you there?

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