Belgians…Preparing for war!

Well, I’ve finally got round to doing a photoshoot of my gathering Belgians. I wanted to wait until I’d got a few more done before posting. I’m basing it around the 17th Armoured Brigade which had two tank battalions and two mechanised – one of which I’ve still to do. I’ve still got a few support elements to do as well but they are in progress.

Here’s the lot as they stand.

 The first tank battalion – 1st Guides

 Second tank battalion – 2nd Guides

 First mechanised battalion – 1st Carabiniers Cyclists gathered round the CO

 1st Company, 2nd Chasseurs Anti-tank Battalion – Jagdpanzer Kanone (with an onlooking detachment of British Challenger 1s!)

 The Belgian CO stand.


First mechanised battalion – 1st Carabiniers Cyclists – HQ

 Converted AIFV/.50cal

 Supporting mortars


 FAO in Spartan although I may do others in AIFV-CO

 And the few Challenger 1s I did out of my recently acquired British.

So there we are, that’s the force so far. I have another Mechanised Battalion to do, some M109A2s, some Milans mounted on jeeps, some Milans on M113s and Engineers in M75s.

I tried to do something different with the CO again. The tent is no doubt the wrong type but was all I had to hand. The radio antenna needs the support ropes tightening but they were a faff to do so I may leave them!

Although I’m going for the 1986+ version I do have the VCI vehicles for the earlier version too so they will get done as well, and/or used for reserve brigades.

Haven’t worked out what that lot is in points yet either! 🙂

More to follow…