Little Update…

Had hoped to have some pictures of stuff by now but work, kids and life are getting in the way. So here’s a quick update on progress and purchases:

  • Belgians – progressing nicely. Finished another tank battalion and a mechanised battalion and some support elements. Working on the CO stand. Can’t quite get the look I want but it will be OK I hope. Managed to convert some YPR-765s to replace turret with a wire and greenstuff .50cal. Looks OK but a bit of a faff. Have just got some CinC Pedestal mounter .50cals which should be easier to use.
  • British – have ordered some infantry from H&R so I can at least make the few bits I have in to a late 80s battlegroup
  • Soviets – some engineering bits and pieces en route and a Lebed hovercraft from Scotia. My own fault for currently re-reading Red Storm Rising!
  • 15mm – no change in all periods though must get back to them soon as want to try out DBMM
  • Boardgames – picked up some Cold War games to maybe use as a battle generator for CWC but to be honest I’ll likely not get the time. Still need a copy of SPIs Hof Gap though.
  • 6mm Scenery – have a load of buildings primed and ready to go just as soon as I can plan out what I want on each base. Also want to make some motorway/autobahn type roads as well.
  • Books – still reading the Harold Coyle stuff and enjoying it. Have The Zone stuff to do next. Gutted I missed a copy of Chieftains on eBay a while back for £17. Was going to get the one on Amazon for £30 but it went and now the cheapest is about £50! One day I’ll get it for a fair price!
  • Magazines – got new Slingshot which is a good issue with more Zama reports. Have given up on Wargames Illustrated, been a little disappointed with the last couple of Miniature Wargames and am looking forward to the next Battlegames.
  • Work – busy…
  • Kids – tiring…

There we go….that’s where I’m at!