More magazines…

The other plus point of last weekend in Blackpool was that my copies of Battlegames and Slingshot arrived and then, rather aptly, the ASL Journal 8 was waiting for me at work on Monday. So…..

First up is issue 21 of Battlegames. Another excellent issue. The bocage article was enjoyable even though I’ll never make bocage. As an AWI gamer the boardgames article was good and I may even dig out my copy of 1776. Siggins was good, as was Teaser and Recce. Not sure on the Thomas article and it didn’t tempt me to try the rules. The ‘main’ interview, despite some reservations, was a good read, although I’ve never played Warhammer and never will (unless it’s the only way of getting my son into gaming!) it was good to read the development of things, especially as the period coincided with my beginning gaming/role-playing. I may even read the Directors Cut on the website! So all in all a good issue.

Next comes Slingshot. I’ve been very impressed with this since I joined the Society of Ancients last year. The quality of production and the range of wargaming, review, research articles is very good. This issue had a few articles that don’t really interest me period-wise but those on Zama, Impetus and the FoG article were good reads. I like the figure reviews although not my scales and should really get off my arse and review some 15mm/6mm myself but it’s not likely happen! The ‘review’ of peoples reading/intentions was useful to get a feel for new books available. Although still a little hit and miss on period interest for me, especially as I’m fairly limited in my choices, it’s a journal worth having and I look forward to the coming years issues.

Finally we come to ASL Journal 8. It was good to see a Journal pushed out early this year and as it coincides with my return to the game the content was particularly apt. Mark Pitcavages beginners guide to what not to do was a good primer to refresh my memory as was the detailed article on Overruns. I’ve yet to read the scenario analysis articles but they look good. The preview of Haaka Palle, the upcoming Finnish module ensures I’ll be buying that module (as if I wouldn’t!) and the 16 scenarios will join the several thousand ASL scenarios I;ve yet to play! Such is The Game…

And to bring a little figure related content back, I took delivery of samples of some of Lancashire Games 15mm AWI figure. I was mainly interested in the French as I’m not too keen on the Old Glory figures but got a few of the campaign type figures as well and a rather useful mounted figure on hunting shirt. I had thought the AWI figures were large compared to Essex et al but these seem like they will fit in and I will be picking up a few more to make up units.

Now, hopefully I can get some Prussians based soon!