On the workbench

As I’m on a bit of a roll I thought I’d do a quick workbench post.

Fences continue. As per the last post the 4Ground fences I have need a little work to make them usable for me. They come in these sizes:They are easy to put together but the small sizes make them a bit fiddly on the table. So… I’ve joined two together, trimmed off the end post at the join, and chamfered the edges to hopefully make them less ‘edgy’…I will need to apply PVA and sand and am a little concerned they plasticard may warp. May do one to test…

I’ve also been tinkering with some 10mm Sudan. These I got from Slugbalancer in London. I applied a thinned down wash and tonight varnished them. Also painted a couple of officers and prepped the two figures I’m missing to make it up to 5 stands of 6. Onwards. Lots more to do!