When I returned to figure gaming back in 1993 I delved into the world of DBM. Carthage and the Punic Wars had always been an interest and I started buying figures for Mid-Republican Romans (mainly Essex). At the Worlds in Derby that year I picked up a decent size Museum  Miniatures Roman army. Not that well painted, but with the shields re-done and re-based it gave me the core of an army that I could soon get up to 400-500pts and then let me play while I painted up the army myself.

At the moment I have:

Late Carthaginian

Mid-Republican Roman

Ancient Spanish

My other big 15mm interest stemmed from my second return to figure gaming in c.2006 when I began my American War of Independence project. There is quite a lot to cover for this: ranges of figures, the Southern Campaign, rules, Polly Oliver. I now have fairly decent size armies for:

AWI British

AWI American

Links and content to follow…